Research Room

Open to all attendees, including exhibition visitors and conference delegates

So, you’ve read the research reports, you’ve read the conclusions… so what does this mean for you? Or for the industry? What questions were left unanswered for you? What further questions do the reports conclusions generate? What other research would you like to see?

The Research Room is a new addition to the BCI World offer for 2017 and we are really excited about it! The BCI produces a fantastic series of research reports which cover a wide variety of topics related to resilience, such as cyber-resilience, Horizon scan and Supply Chains.

These sessions are open to conference delegates and exhibition visitors and are your opportunity to unpack the research reports and explore what the findings mean to you. We have two styles of interactive workshops:

Join us in the Sandpit: Think!

This is a 90 minute interactive, discussion-based session that will encourage participation and conversation among attendees.

Do you want to shape the future of research in resilience? Or want to unpack the findings of a our research?

This session will consider the impact of findings from our existing research and its wider influence upon the resilience industry while also considering potential areas for future research.

Join our panel of leading academics and industry experts for an intensive sandpit session addressing cyber resilience issues. This emerging method is being increasingly adopted by top universities and research councils worldwide

We will be using a miniaturised version of the academic sandpit format, which will involve teams of attendees in a directed discussion about specific elements of the research. After an hour, these teams will present to the room on their debate and their conclusions or disagreements, and questions yet to be answered.

Fishbowl Panel: Talk!

Do you have a stance on today’s burning industry issues?

We invite you to turn BCI World on its head and join this ‘Talk’ session for the opportunity to become the star for five minutes!  Become a speaker in a panel on your own specialist subject!

Challenging, interactive and even a little provocative, this session aims to engage attendees in an open discussion about current and less-explored business threats. Using BCI research findings, audience members will discuss issues of the day, share best practice and contribute to future solutions.

This workshop format is designed to be fast paced and open to anyone to join the panel on a rotating basis. There will always be a spare chair on the panel, which anyone from the audience may step up and occupy, in order to have their say.

The discussions will be based on a pre-published fast moving list of questions which will be posed via twitter by you and other resilience professionals around the world using the hashtag #BCITALK17

Timings and Topics:

  • 7th November: 11:00 – 12:30  THINK! – Cyber-resilience
  • 7th November: 14:00 – 15:30 TALK! – variety of topics to be published soon
  • 8th November: 11:00 – 12:30 TALK! - variety of topics to be published soon
  • 8th November: 11:00 - 12:30  THINK! – Supply Chain Resilience

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